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Chameleon mode: activate. I study my favorite writers, deconstruct them, and write impressions of them, so you can better understand the science of voice. I challenge the notion that each person has a fixed voice that comes from within. Voices are like masks. Through embodying characters, you'll see which sides of them align with yourself. Imitate, and see what resonates.

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☀️ David Whyte

Gravity is a word that all dreamers must be acquainted with. Let us ponder these two words: "gravity" and "dreams;" for they share the same ethereal quality, yet they are always in tension with one other. The dreamer casts their focus beyond the clouds, while gravity keeps everything on the

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🧿 Hunter S. Thompson

The epiphany of the “new year” hit me, as usual, three hours late. I’m always awake at midnight, but never conscious— I get caught up in written streams of glowing gibberish. The new year is a slow-moving tidal wave, and no one is spared as it rampages from time

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🎙 The Science of Voice

Screw finding 30 ideas, I'll write ONE idea in 30 different ways. Sounds whacky... but there's a reason. Ideas & voice are separate writing skills. If you stop wrestling original ideas, you can learn to write better, faster... Blasphemy! Isn't "originality" the point? Isn't a cover band a pale imitation? No.