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These short-stories give you entertaining and lucid glimpses into my life. This style of “autobiographical fiction” is inspired by Jack Kerouac, Kurt Vonnegut, Fernando Pessoa, and others. They render their experiences and their consciousness onto the page– becoming immortal through their prose.

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I went into the city on Saturday to meet up with Isabel in person for the first time. On a walk from Penn Station to Bryant Park, I decided to write down everything I experienced. Eight blocks north, and then a few more east. It’s a great exercise to practice, “placemaking.”

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🏚 Wilbur Doyle and the Walking-Distance Mysteries

Here's a short-story based on my whacky, real-life neighbor Wilbur Doyle. We often ignore the strange realities that are just next door.

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🤺 Word Sketching

Jack Kerouac wasn't a painter, but a writer that "sketched" with words. He'd conjure up specific memories from his experiences, and then madly jot out the details of images. 💡At the back of a sweaty crowded bus on the way home from science camp,

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✈️ Late for the Airport

001 The Cross Island Parkway Our flight to San Francisco takes off in under an hour, but here we were, the three of us, bouncing along a foggy Cross Island Parkway with a stuffed trunk on route to John F. Kennedy Airport. Eyes closed, I was half-asleep and sunk into

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🦝 The Raccoon Coders of Neos

RUMORS I'd been hearing rumors of a small society of people who LIVE inside of a VR application. Maybe a hundred people or so - clocking 10+ hours a day? It was serious. I finally made the decision to dip my toes into Neos to see what it&

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🃏 Crashing Facebook Connect

I joined Facebook's annual VR conference through my Oculus Quest. This one is a cynical, bizarre, and lucid adventure into the strange future that large tech companies are rushing to shape.