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Enter at your own risk. This section is for all the weird essays that don’t fit anywhere else. If you’re curious, open-minded, and have tolerance for bat-shit crazy ideas, this might be the place for you. Expect a smorgasbord of topics, spanning, but not limited to: crypto, psychedelics, AI, advertising, art, religion, extraterrestrial life, politics, and conspiracy theories.

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🥚 The Block is an Egg

The Latest Sketch I've been working on a visual language to explain blockchain. I'm not there yet, but the sketch below (2 down) shows the farthest I've gotten. In the end, I'd like for it to have descriptive text, and maybe I&

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🌀 Procedurally Generated Ads

Advertising Variants on Netflix For the Queens Gambit (and many other series), advertisers will produce over a dozen alternate thumbnails. They often display one to you based on your viewing history. Gone are the days of writing the perfect copy, or the perfect poster. The future is about templates and

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⻤ Paranormal AI Beings

AI Short Stories Vivian Li is working on a cool fiction story based on AI. It's about someone who gets into a relationship online, and eventually realizes they've been talking to a leaked artificial intelligence. There were a bunch of ideas and themes around AI that

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✞ Christianity's Butterfly Effect

If it wasn’t for Christianity, mankind could have landed on the moon by 1200 AD. This bizarre alternate reality stems from a unique kind of “Butterfly Effect” meditation. We all know the mantra: “every little action we take echoes forever into the future.” But what if the biggest event

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🛰 The Mapmaking Machine Species

This month is shaping up to be a watershed moment in over 80 years of UFO investigations. For reasons unknown to serfs like me, it seems like Congress may have forced the Pentagon to show it's hand. Who knows why, but a declassified report on UAP's

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📞 If You Melt a Telephone

Let’s understand Bitcoin in the context of communication technologies. The telephone was the first in a line of inventions that trended towards “co-presence.” Bitcoin is the first technology in a future line of inventions that will trend towards democracy.

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🤑 Surreal News in January 2021

The year of 2021 got off to a strange start: Revolutions, conspiracies, financial absurdity, and another wave of COVID. Delirium afoot. Here’s a collage of all the strange news that came out during this time.

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🌿 On-Demand Resurrections

For centuries, historians have been trying to crack a mystery at the center of an Ancient Greek religion. Turns out, psychedelics may have been involved. It could change the nature of what we think about the Resurrection.

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♨️ COVID is a Psychedelic

Psychedelics loosen up the ego so ideas from the subconscious can emerge. COVID has shaken up the routine of institutions, and it’ll allow repressed trends from the 21st century to become mainstream.