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✏ When to Get Feedback?

“At what point should I share my essay with editors? Should I ask for feedback as soon as possible, or should I wait until it’s a coherent draft?” Both! The biggest misconception about feedback is that it’s a singular event. You don’t have to write in isolation

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👌 Starting from Zero

“Regarding pseudonyms, how do you promote your blog? Since your family and friends don’t know your writing identity, how do you spread the word about it?" One challenge with starting an account from scratch is The Cricket Effect. Whether you start under a pseudonym or not, it’s

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🎭 Write Online as a Pseudonym

What are the benefits of writing under a pseudonym? Even when we find the courage to publish our ideas, we often get tripped up by our audience. The idea that our parents, co-workers, or clients could potentially read our essay is enough to scare the life out of our writing

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🔬 Imitate Your Favorite Writers

"How do I actually translate my personality onto the page? I know the vibe I want to get across, but when I sit down and write, it feels flat." Some would say, “Voice is just something you have. Don’t think about it. It’s natural. It just

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🎤 Be Known For Your Voice

"This newsletter fires me up! I feel like I have permission to explore my interests, and I have faith my Personal Monopoly will emerge over time. How can I create a theme that runs through all of my writing?" Great question. An underrated way to link all of

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🚗 Your Personal Monopoly Path

“I have so many interests and they don’t all fit under a single brand. Do you recommend multiple websites so each one has a clear value pitch?” The pain of the polymath is real. When you’re starting out, keep all your interests under one personal website. Maybe you